Pickup and Delivery 

We know your time is valuable, Let us save you some time by providing you a laundry bag, and putting you a weekly schedule for pickup and delivery.  There is a $4.00 charge for this service when its done inside the city limits.  We would simply pickup your laundry bag then deliver your clothes when they are done, and invoice you.  Simple and hassle free way to save you time. 

Uniforms, Rags and Aprons

Some businesses have us do their managers clothes, kitchen staff uniforms, and rags.  We've had great success in handling grease stains in aprons and grease rags from pizza places, as well as fast food restaurants.  We have also done uniforms for casino's waitresses, as well as mechanic uniforms.  A $4.00 delivery and pickup fee is charged if you would like this service.   

Medical Wash

Black Hills Laundry has the full capability to do medical washes.  For many years we have serviced one of the local Dentists office employees scrubs.  We do a medical wash on them dry them and hang them, their employees always look professional and clean when at work.  We have also provided poly bags to go over the dentists chairs so that the chairs remain clean.  We are also handling the laundry for local clinics, providing them with medical wash dry fold services.  In the past we have also done Chiropractic patient scrubs.  Black Hills Laundry is here for all your Laundry needs, let us know how we can serve you