Hotel Services

Black Hills Laundry offers a variety of hotel services including dry cleaning for guests, dry cleaning for employees, drop off laundry services for guests, and linens 


Dry Cleaning

We do offer pick up and delivery of dry cleaning for the guests that are staying at your hotel, this would even include next day services.  Some hotels, choose to pay for their staffs work clothes and uniforms to be professionally cleaned by us, thus creating a lasting impression on guests.  Some fees may apply

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Drop off laundry or Wash Dry Fold

We can pick it up and deliver it back to you, 24 hour turn around time for your guests, we wash it, dry it and fold it. Some fees may apply 

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Bed Sheets, Pillow cases, Towels

We have the capacity to handle all your linens, this includes bed sheets, pillow cases and towels.  Depending on quantity we can even do a 24 hour turn around.  Pick up and delivery are available for this service as well.  Some fees may apply