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Take Back Your SATURDAYS!

Our strategy is simple:

Lots of Shiny New Awesome Equipment + Super Clean Large Store +
Friendly Staff = Exceptional Self Service Laundry!

Self Serve

All our Stores has several Large Capacity Washers & Dryers (up to 90 pound capacity) and Ultra-High Spin Equipment so you can go home faster. 

-All our laundries are on major roads, easy to find and get in and out, and super well lit at night.

-Each Store has multiple Large Capacity Washers & Dryers (20 to 90 pound capacity).

-Over 100 New Express Washers and Dryers installed in the last year or so, all with Ultra-High Spin so you can go home faster. 

-Great AC, New Seating, Free WiFi and places to charge your phone available at all locations.

-5 Locations around the Black Hills, so you are never far away from getting your laundry washed clean.

Bring that basket full of dirty laundry to us,  and tell us how you like your laundry done (what you want folded, what we should hang, and special instructions, etc). Come back 4 to 6 hours later and pick up your clean, fresh, professionally folded or hung laundry, done the way you like it! We even sort your items by type before they are wrapped so everything makes it back to your closet neatly, ready for you to wear! Then, go out and enjoy your day.

Laundry services are priced by the pound:
Laundry - $1.50 per pound.

Comforters are by the Unit:

Comforter - $15

Extra-Large - Add $3

Down Stuffing - Add $5

Add-On 2nd Comforter - Add $9

Tableclothes and Sheet Flatwork Ironing/Pressing:

$2 per pound

(some specialty items are different - we will let you know if this applies)

Commercial Laundry, Restaurant Towels & Linens: 

Typical pricing is $1.50 per pound. 

We can supply towels, aprons, etc. - You will LOVE IT!

(More info in the Commercial Section)

Drop off at any of our three stores, or




This place is great- there's always machines available and their big industrial grade washers really do the trick. It's a tad bit expensive but worth it, in my opinion. Customer service is really outstanding. Also, it's very clean and orderly. There's even a corner where kids can watch movies. Just beware, because of the area, there is a lot of theft so be sure to keep a good eye on your laundry.

It's kinda spendy compared to the last time I went to a laundrymat 8 years ago. $7.50 a load for the good washers $3.50 for low grade. It's nice and I like how they have a soda machine but the pops are a small $1.75 and the mediums are $ 2.25. one refill. The workers seemed to have good attitudes. I can't imagine showering here but whatever floats your boat


This place is great! Our pump went out on our washing machine and we were able to do 6 loads in ONE machine in less than 30 minutes. Trey was exceptional at customer service and enjoyable to have a conversation with as we waited. We'll definitely refer everyone we know to your great establishment.

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